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Polkadot is offering a solution to an problem that has plagues mankind since the dawn of time

How do people come together how do they organise themselves.

Man’s near extinction not so long ago man was faced with a possible extinction this puny, naked, two legged being without tooth or claw, without speed or fur we were was cast out of his semi aquatic home to survive in the jungles, deserts and plains of Africa. Reduced to less than 100 hominids we were on the cusp of being a failed experimental of nature unable to survive.

But man did far more than survive we thrived. We learned that as a tribe, a tightly knit community caring and collaborating we could keep ourselves safe. We learned that despite our physical weakness through deep collaboration we could hunt. Our capacity to collaborate was dramatically enhanced by the advent of language. We learned to develop technology stone arrows, spears, pottery, art and jewelry are the physical traces out ancestors have left for us.

By peering at these remnants we sense a glimmer of what was happening more deeply the neurological and social changes that we were developing. We can just sense what was happening inside as the prefrontal cortex and intricately tuned mirror neurons were developed. What was it like, what was changing inside as we (Re)discovered music, language, spirituality, art and eventually writing and science. How did tribes organise themselves and how did this change with agriculture, the industrial revolution, the Internet revolution.

A study of the history of mankind is in fact a study of how people organise themselves so as to create things that were previously impossible to create, temples, cities, boats, airplanes and equally importantly how the rewards for these creations accrued to participants in the system.

We have experimented with all sorts of systems including slavery, Fiefdoms, Kingdoms, Nation states, legally recognised businesses etc.

The common characteristic of all of these systems is that they are all fundamentally hierarchical, where a few people land up with more and more power, eventually these hierarchical organizations have used this power to extract maximum value for themselves from the rest. In recent times these extractive hierarchical organizations are not only extracting excess value from people but also from earth.

We all know deep down inside that this is not sustainable, that we cannot continue this way but up until now there have been no obvious alternatives. We have seen that wars and revolutions do in fact change things for a short time but pretty soon the new pigs are worse than the ones they saved us from.

That has all been true until the last few years, a not so quiet ripple has been stirring in the crypto space. A real evolution is brewing one that is often lost in the hype of Defi, digital gold etc etc.

The real (Re)volution that is taking place is that for the first time in the history of mankind we have a technology that makes it possible for large groups of diverse participants to share, coordinate, collaborate and create together. This technology can be used to ensure that no individual or group can ever gains control of the system and thereby extract excessive value from the creative efforts of others.

Much has been written about bitcoin as a store of value but little has been said on the impact this has on human creativity when you become involved. I have watched my own journey down the rabbit hole along with many friends and as they fall down the rabbit hole time after time people begin to see this hierarchical extractive economic world that we have taken to be necessary as unnecessary. We start to dream of new possibilities of a new world where we could feel free, free to express ourselves, free to create, free to participate, free to contribute in the way we choose and when and how we choose. We see an opportunity to be part of something we sense it we know it even if we cannot express it. It is the quiet evolution that Buckminster Fuller speaks of when he encourages us to create something new instead of fighting against the old.

To fully understand the potential of crytography so that you can invest wisely it is essential that you understand the upside of Crypto and where the energy is moving. This gives you the capacity to see where the puck is going and not where the puck is.



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