Is Etherium the next Etherium Killer

This is the first in a series of articles where I analyse the Etherium Ecosystem from various perspectives.

Before we continue some background is required a little introduction of sorts.

I am firstly a software developer I fell in love when I took delivery of my commodore vic 20 at the tender age of 15. In those days a computer came with a manual and the manual was a step by step guide on how to program this machine.

Since then I have been enthralled by technology, both the technical debth of coding as well as how to create structures that allow super creative teams to self organise and so as to become individually and collecrivelly spectacular. I spent some years with my dev teams specialising in project rescue (helping projects that have gone bad come back to health both the team and the tech) and three years investing in startups.

For the last 8 years I stepped away from tech almost completely (OK I admit I have sneaked a number of coding sessions in just to learn cool new things like blockchain). Mostly I have been studying the human nervous system and learning how we as individuals and collectives organise internally so as to create the safety for our natural creativity and innovation to bloom.

From this basis I have been looking at the Ecosystem that has been booming in the last year around Etherium namely Defi.

We have all known that something incredible was going to come out of Etherium with that much talent that much energy and excitement it had to happen and finally this year it did welcome Defi.

Just a quick intro to my perspectives of Decentralised computing as implemented in blockchain.

The way most of us have grown up in the world is a world of

Life loving Life on an endless journey of learning how to love life more and more deliciously.