Circling : Rapid learning in an amplified field

Have you experienced those moments when your heart and feet come into communion, somehow knowing exactly where to take you. The places they lead are synchronistically magical.

In these moments, no matter what you do, it unfolds beautifully, dancing a beautiful rhythm with the universe. Arriving at precisely the right moment, meeting the right people — creativity flowing, a natural fountain, birthing possibilities with each drop.

Remember how you felt in those moments, remember how you felt so connected to everything that there was no choice but to fall in love with every being you met?

These experiences are so important for our wellbeing, that tribes and societies in every corner of the earth have invested vast amounts of time developing and fine tuning rituals to facilitate us entering into these states.

In recent years a number of these practices have emerged in modern form. The big attraction of Burning Man, Drum circles and Trance Parties are those delicious moments when a new consciousness opens up and we enter into these flow states.

What if your nervous system could learn to live permanently in these elevated states, these rare moments, became frequent and then the norm. How would you live your life, what would you create, how would you relate from this state.

From my life of exploring, living in this state is not only possible but is actually ‘Normal’. To be clear I am in no way enlightened I am merely an intrepid traveler who has explored ecstatic flow states for many many years. In the last few years I found Circling, a practice used by many ancient tribes, to be the most effective dojo for practicing this art of engaging fully in life.

Circling along with family constellations, emerged from traditional african tribal wisdom. These practices view any group of humans as one interacting learning system. Each expression from each person and everything that happens is treated as important information emerging from the intelligent field. As a direct consequence all voices are listening to and valued as voices expressing important aspects of the collective field. All disharmonies are treated as seeds from which creativity and connection can sprout. As the circle progresses a deep trust develops, the field becomes softer, gentler and safer. When a person feels safe and connected their natural creativity flows, enthusiasm and excitement bubbles through, previously suppressed emotions surface, as they guide us into deeper and deeper connection, Judgements of ourselves and others slowly melt away.

To describe what actually happens in circle and how it unfolds is impossible, it simply has to be experienced. There are many reasons for this, not least of which is that the circle itself is continually learning, adapting and changing. Each circle is a unique experience that emerges when a group comes together in space and time to embark on a sacred journey together. Given this please excuse my clumsy inadequate descriptions of a magical practice.

The actual experience of a circle when it comes into coherence can feel a little bit like — suddenly hours happen in minutes, each and every thing that each person says and does, is in perfect service to themselves, every other circlee, the circle and the bigger collective field, without any effort or trying. Merely by vulnerably expressing what is arising in themselves, in the moment.

The grace of the full collective coherent flow occurs occasionally in circle, however a regular circling practice keeps deepening the field, resulting in more frequent and longer periods of magical flow and an ever increasing baseline of what a ‘normal’ field is. As in meditation and life although the moments of bliss when we transcend ourselves are exquisite the time spent navigating the less coherent field is the most valuable as we can study the actual field and how life is actively and consciously organising and reoranising itself through the incoherence to the coherence ever learning the pathways to coherence. In the amplified field of circle this rate of learning is rapidly accelerated (for me it has felt like lifetimes of learning in a normal field can occur in a single circle).

While this experience in circle is in and of itself nourishing and instructive, the reason I love sharing this practice, is the benefits that accrue when a group of people enter into a regular circling practice.

Circling, is that it creates an amplified field for embodied, experiential and collective learning. This means that, what is learned, is learned through many layers of being, ranging from a deep felt sense to a more cognitive understanding.

Circling is the playful dojo and everything discovered is useful in our day to day life.

A powerful personal transformation, is the ever deepening learning that expressing my vulnerable truths creates the deeper connection and sense of belonging that my heart has always longed for. Through this automagically personal, intergenerational and collective traumas integrate, we develop better boundaries, outdated beliefs drop away and we are more able to express ourselves in life. The safety of the circle provides the perfect womb space for nurturing this new way of being.

For teams of people who circle, collaborate and create together the individuals are effortlessly gentler and more understanding of each other.

The field that they co-create become magnetic and soothing to be in. Creativity is free to pour through as the safety of the circle allows true individual expression within a coherent field. One of the unexpected joys is that other people love hanging out with these teams so the right people and customers are drawn into the field.



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