Burning Man : Silicon Valleys playing field

The importance of burning man to silicon valley startups is by now well established. From Elon Musk talking about it in length to Larry and Sergey when being pushed by VC’s to bring on a COO at google insisting that he/she was a burner.

But why why is the Burn so important to Silicon Valley so important to startups. Clearly the exposure to insane art, incredible freedom of expression and lots of psychedelics play an important role. The friendships and contact made in the desert dust are some of the best in the world but all of these pale in significance to what is truly being learned.

If you have attended a Burn you know that the true magic of the burn is that synchronicities and manifestations rule in the amplified field. Out deep in the desert in an intentional field is created. The default world, a fragmented incoherent field where the noise of trauma’s and compensations which make it almost impossible to listen to and flow is replaced with a seemingly magical realm where it is easy to follow your feet arriving at precisely the right place at the right time. For the brief week we live in a world where you think of someone and suddenly they are there, where you find a longing to experience something and as you follow your feet they lead you exactly there. In summary the burn is a world were you can explore the true magical intelligence of the collective conscious field. You can play and learn the rules that govern this field how she adapts changes, how she plays ever the trickster.

In essence a burner in the playa is in a deep apprenticeship with the true magic of existence. We experience how the field herself learns year after year.

If you truly want to explore reality, if you want to explore the magic of the collective field, if you want to explore the potential future of humanity then you simply have to burn.

If you are a startup of any type particularly a crypto startup then becoming an expert in surfing this intelligent field is simply the most important thing you can be doing.

Who is Gabrial. Like all of you I find this to be the impossible questions, with so many apprenticeships undertaken, so many paths explored, jungles visited that any summary falls flat. What I can say is that my life has been a rambling exploration of on the one hand living joyously in any given moment, sipping on each success while feeling the excited inquisitive about what may lie ahead and on the other hand feeling the fear and uncertainty of not knowing, the pain and agony of my personal traumas, gently massaging out the crooked twists in my soul where I have contorted myself to avoid these pains. In this journey I have learned many many things and yet each thing learned shines more light on all the things still to be learned.



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