Even a cursory look at the last 13 000 years of ‘civilisation’ will reveal that history has been a a continual search for more effective ways to co-ordinate individual human activity with a group. In our search we have tried Slavery, Monarchy, Religious Autocracy, Empires, Colonies, Totalitarianism and most recently Democracy. All of these have been somewhat successful for a time but all have eventually collapsed and been replaced. The overthrow of the previous mechanism has always been associated with the advent of a new technology language, writing, steel, boats, guns, printing presses, industrial machines.

There has been a problem…

The importance of burning man to silicon valley startups is by now well established. From Elon Musk talking about it in length to Larry and Sergey when being pushed by VC’s to bring on a COO at google insisting that he/she was a burner.

But why why is the Burn so important to Silicon Valley so important to startups. Clearly the exposure to insane art, incredible freedom of expression and lots of psychedelics play an important role. …

Have you experienced those moments when your heart and feet come into communion, somehow knowing exactly where to take you. The places they lead are synchronistically magical.

In these moments, no matter what you do, it unfolds beautifully, dancing a beautiful rhythm with the universe. Arriving at precisely the right moment, meeting the right people — creativity flowing, a natural fountain, birthing possibilities with each drop.

Remember how you felt in those moments, remember how you felt so connected to everything that there was no choice but to fall in love with every being you met?

These experiences are so…

The last 13 000 years have been a history of growing Extractive Capitalism. In extractive capitalism each person seeks to maximise their personal (or family) wealth by extracting as much value from the ecosystem in which they live without a connection or concern to the long term sustainability of the ecosystem.

This worked extremely well while we were living in small groups as part of the larger ecosystem and therefore subject to the laws of the greater ecosystem. What we have seen in the last few hundred years in general and the last 40 years in particular is that this…

Polkadot is offering a solution to an problem that has plagues mankind since the dawn of time

How do people come together how do they organise themselves.

Man’s near extinction not so long ago man was faced with a possible extinction this puny, naked, two legged being without tooth or claw, without speed or fur we were was cast out of his semi aquatic home to survive in the jungles, deserts and plains of Africa. Reduced to less than 100 hominids we were on the cusp of being a failed experimental of nature unable to survive.

But man did far…

Riding the 2021 Crypto Bull run

I am continually asked which Alt Coins should I invest in

Here is my response for 2021

I am still mostly Hodling bitcoin. My main strategy is to HODL more bitcoin. I see alt coins as annuals or at best perinials with Bitcoin the mother tree.

During the bull run that happens every 4 years I slowly move some of my HODL btc to Alts.

I am usually mostly in microcap Alts. …

Is Etherium the next Etherium Killer

This is the first in a series of articles where I analyse the Etherium Ecosystem from various perspectives.

Before we continue some background is required a little introduction of sorts.

I am firstly a software developer I fell in love when I took delivery of my commodore vic 20 at the tender age of 15. In those days a computer came with a manual and the manual was a step by step guide on how to program this machine.

Since then I have been enthralled by technology, both the technical debth of coding as…

Polkadot is Not an Etherium killer

Calling Polkadot an Etherium killer is a bit like calling Facebook an email killer. Yes they both involve us sending pictures, videos and messages to our connections but neither is a killer of the other just one natural evolution as we discover what technology is capable of after another.

Long term Polkadot is bigger than etherium just like etherium is bigger than bitcoin.

The reasoning is simple.

If you look at engagement. Most bitcoiners do a few transactions a year if that. Basically they buy and hold. …

The importance of exchanges in the Defi world.

Imagine an economy where every company had its own currency. In this world if you worked for apple you would be paid in APLs. If you invest in Apple you would be given APL tokens in exchange for your investment.

If you wanted to buy and IPhone you would have to pay in you guessed it APLs. The entire Apple Ecosystem in fact would work on the APL token. Users could keep these tokens effectively becoming investors in their favorite company. If they are real enthusiasts they can open a store front…

Should I buy bitcoin at 20 000 USD per bitcoin this is the most common question I have been asked the last few weeks

Unfortunately only you can decide this. We each have a risk profile and an orientation. I have shared my Investment hypothesis in the medium article I shared here. This works for me but I have a bag of bitcoin purchased between 5000 and 12 000 USD.
I also earn an income so this money is not required for living costs.
So I am really OK with huge price corrections and fluctuations. I have been down so many…

Gabrial Magni

Life loving Life on an endless journey of learning how to love life more and more deliciously.

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